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Paul and Norma Facella Learning Commons
Winthrop Middle/High School

Paul and Norma Facella

The learning center at the new Winthrop Middle/High School is named The Facella Learning Commons, in honor of Norma and Paul Facella who have contributed millions of dollars in scholarships to Winthrop students.
- Paul F. and Norma M. Facella Memorial Scholarship Foundation 2016 Application Form (PDF)
"Honoring a Legacy by Building a Future:
The Paul and Norma Facella Memorial Scholarship Foundation
Those who knew Paul and Norma Facella understood they were people who lived simply but purposefully. After serving in the Navy during WWII, Paul worked hard as a building contractor while Norma helped others in their neighborhood. They were good neighbors and caring people. Though neither attended college, Norma and Paul saved their money to learn from the world through various trips abroad. For 60 years they shared a devoted life together and a deep concern for the young people in Winthrop.
   When Paul died in February 2014 - nearly two years after Norma had passed away-their careful financial planning and modest lifestyle had produced a sizeable estate. Because they never had children of their own, their legacy now will build a future for graduating students from Winthrop High School. Though Winthrop High is a relatively small high school with graduating classes between 100 and 130, many of the students need financial assistance to attend the universities of their choice or to graduate from college without debt. Through a scholarship fund in their name, the Facella's pride in Winthrop will open doors for young people who might otherwise have been limited by resources.
   The Facella's example of careful planning and selfless generosity has much to offer the community as well as the larger culture. They model the importance of giving back to the community to improve the lives of our next generation.
   Paul and Norma's story reflects the basic but essential ideal that we don't need status or wealth to make an extraordinary difference for the future and it reminds each of us that hard work, careful planning and simple but purposeful living can-and does-translate into powerful legacies.

- Winthrop School Committe Meeting Minutes, March 9, 2015 (PDF)
"Paul Facella was a graduate of Winthrop High School. Mr. Facella and his wife Norma had no children. The Paul & Norma Facella Scholarship has left a substantial amount of money for Winthrop students. $250,000.00 will be awarded to top students, $12,500.00 of which will be for advanced placement testing. One student will be awarded $22,500.00, another student will receive $20,000.00 and 13 students will be awarded a $15,000.00 scholarship!"
Memorial location: Winthrop Middle/High School
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