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MACRIS Listings for Winthrop, Mass.

The Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System (MACRIS) is an online resource for searching the Massachusetts Historical Commission database of historic properties and areas in the Commonwealth. Remarkably, there are over 400 records for Winthrop.
Click here to search the database on the MACRIS website. Click the map below to access a custom Google Map with locations of the records and direct links to both the Detail page and the PDF Inventory Form on the MACRIS website. Also, there are links to a Google Street View of the location.
View Google Map: Click here
Property Name Category Address Year Detail
Cottage Hill - Hillside Avenue Area WTH.A PDF
Court Park Area WTH.B PDF
Thornton Park - Washington Avenue Area WTH.C PDF
Winthrop Center Area WTH.D PDF
Winthrop Highlands - Jeremiah Green Area Area WTH.E PDF
Woodside Park Area WTH.F PDF
Cottage Park Area WTH.G PDF
Surfside Street Area WTH.H PDF
Billows Street Area WTH.I PDF
Winthrop Shore Drive Area WTH.M PDF
Winthrop Center - Metcalf Square Historic District Area WTH.N PDF
Lewis Lake Park Area c 1925 WTH.905 PDF
Winthrop Cemetery Cemetery c 1835 WTH.800 PDF
Winthrop Spanish American War Veterans' Memorial Object c 1930 WTH.901 PDF
Winthrop Civil War Memorial Object 1907 WTH.900 PDF
Winthrop World War I Veterans' Memorial Object 1927 WTH.902 PDF
Winthrop World War II - Korean War Memorial Object 1965 WTH.918 PDF
Governor Winthrop House Marker Object WTH.907 PDF
Cottage Hill Water Tower Structure 82 Faun Bar Ave 1909 WTH.903 PDF
Fort Banks Mortar Battery Structure Kennedy Dr c 1892 WTH.912 PDF
Clark, William House Building 22 Adams St c 1900 WTH.1 PDF
Perkins, George O. House Building 101 Almont St c 1898 WTH.2 PDF
Queen Anne-style house Building 2 Andrews St c 1910 WTH.274 PDF
Wallon - Kirk, Andrew House Building 105 Bartlett Rd c 1905 WTH.4 PDF
Harlow, Fancis - Felkins, Mario House Building 106 Bartlett Rd c 1912 WTH.5 PDF
Griffin, Leslie E. House Building 112 Bartlett Rd c 1900 WTH.6 PDF
Newell, Grace - Lanning, C. D. - Lindsey, C. House Building 125 Bartlett Rd c 1900 WTH.7 PDF
Gabled Cottage Building 33 Bay View Ave r 1880 WTH.278 PDF
Levine, Donald House Building 10 Beach Rd c 1912 WTH.8 PDF
Riordan, H. O. House Building 19 Beach Rd c 1900 WTH.135 PDF
Tewksbury - Smith - Donovan House Building 30 Beal St c 1873 WTH.9 PDF
Builder's Pair Building 49 Beal St r 1900 WTH.288 PDF
Swint, Jacob P. House Building 15-17 Belcher St c 1892 WTH.10 PDF
Whelan, M. T. - Sheilds, Joseph House Building 9 Bellevue Ave c 1910 WTH.11 PDF
Stone, Frederic - Richardson, Ida Building 11 Bellevue Ave c 1907 WTH.12 PDF
Tewksbury House Building 19 Bellevue Ave r 1880 WTH.13 PDF
Vegkle, William House Building 30 Bellevue Ave c 1910 WTH.14 PDF
Two-Family Colonial Revival Building 33 Bellevue Ave r 1900 WTH.309 PDF
Johnson, L. - Haley, John House Building 74 Birch Rd c 1912 WTH.15 PDF
Whitford, Thomas - Porter, William House Building 106 Bowdoin St r 1845 WTH.16 PDF
Colonial Revival Multiple Family Building 136 Bowdoin St r 1900 WTH.295 PDF
Belcher, M. Austin House Building 162 Bowdoin St r 1835 WTH.17 PDF
Saint John's Episcopal Church Building 222 Bowdoin St 1889 WTH.18 PDF
Ruttle, William H. House and Greenhouses Building 294 Bowdoin St r 1900 WTH.19 PDF
Johnstone - Curtis - Freeland House Building 308 Bowdoin St c 1895 WTH.20 PDF
Clark, William H. House Building 312 Bowdoin St c 1900 WTH.21 PDF
Stransburger, J. House Building 24 Brookfield Rd c 1918 WTH.22 PDF
Jordan, Herbert House Building 40 Brookfield Rd c 1928 WTH.23 PDF
Parker, Gilman C. - Stephenson, John House Building 23 Buchanan St c 1874 WTH.24 PDF
Parker, Gilman C. - Douglas, Wellington House Building 45 Buchanan St c 1865 WTH.25 PDF
Griffin, Sidney - Ingalls, Mary House Building 57 Buchanan St 1856 WTH.26 PDF
Johnson, Walter - Petersen, John House Building 35 Centre St c 1891 WTH.27 PDF
Tewksbury, Nancy A. House Building 14 Charles St c 1880 WTH.28 PDF
Margeson, M. H. - Day, George M. House Building 19 Chester Ave c 1890 WTH.29 PDF
Newmarch, Charles - Greenlaw, William House Building 25 Chester Ave c 1900 WTH.30 PDF
Mayo, Harold - Whittemore, Lester House Building 153 Circuit Rd c 1920 WTH.31 PDF
Leitch, Lewis House Building 26 Cliff Ave c 1933 WTH.32 PDF
Everbeck, George House Building 64 Cliff Ave c 1892 WTH.33 PDF
Hudson, Edward W. - Cronenwett, George House Building 70 Cliff Ave 1898 WTH.34 PDF
Elwell, Benjamin House Building 30 Cora St r 1880 WTH.35 PDF
Altered Queen Anne and Colonial Revival house Building 5 Coral Ave r 1900 WTH.287 PDF
Connelly, Michael J. House Building 39 Coral Ave c 1900 WTH.36 PDF
Warnock, Adam - Scates, Hollis House Building 67 Cottage Ave c 1884 WTH.37 PDF
Feely, Margaret House Building 171 Cottage Park Rd c 1890 WTH.38 PDF
Italianate style house Building 188 Cottage Park Rd WTH.39 PDF
Pease, Oliver E. House Building 191 Cottage Park Rd r 1890 WTH.40 PDF
Sprague, Sarah - Belcher, Orlando Building 220 Cottage Park Rd c 1883 WTH.41 PDF
Hames, Edward - Cook, Lorimer House Building 226-228 Cottage Park Rd c 1900 WTH.42 PDF
Carstensen, Henry - Gustavis House Building 5 Court Rd c 1895 WTH.43 PDF
Dealy, William F. House Building 41 Court Rd c 1905 WTH.44 PDF
Hatfield, Frank K. House Building 46 Court Rd c 1912 WTH.45 PDF
Sullivan, Timothy House Building 64 Court Rd c 1912 WTH.46 PDF
Chapman, George - Fitzgerald, Edwin House Building 65 Court Rd c 1910 WTH.47 PDF
Fletcher, Melmon F. House Building 77 Court Rd c 1910 WTH.48 PDF
Bertelsen, Jens - Burns, George House Building 111 Court Rd c 1902 WTH.49 PDF
Curtin, David - Kiley, Harry House Building 153 Court Rd c 1907 WTH.50 PDF
Lockhead, John - Magoon, Kenneth House Building 239-241 Court Rd c 1907 WTH.51 PDF
Forsyth - Newton House Building 258 Court Rd c 1900 WTH.52 PDF
Munroe - Dagget House Building 265 Court Rd c 1920 WTH.53 PDF
Nichols, William N. House Building 288 Court Rd c 1905 WTH.54 PDF
White - Reid House Building 69 Cove Ave c 1883 WTH.58 PDF
Jenney Gas Station Building 3-13 Crest Ave 1935 WTH.55 PDF
Totman and Ham Confectionary Company Building 52 Crest Ave c 1912 WTH.56 PDF
Neo Colonial cottage Building 85 Crest Ave c 1930 WTH.291 PDF
Leighton - Worcester House Building 93 Crest Ave c 1912 WTH.57 PDF
Deshon - Clerk - Bradley - Cardell House Building 24 Dolphin Ave WTH.59 PDF
Crowley, Frank House Building 33 Edge Hill Rd c 1917 WTH.60 PDF
Tierney, Mary E. House Building 61 Edge Hill Rd c 1928 WTH.61 PDF
Belcher, Henry M. House Building 15 Elmwood Ave c 1890 WTH.62 PDF
Allen, John G. House Building 29 Elmwood Ave c 1890 WTH.63 PDF
Bacon, Willard M. House Building 3 Elmwood Ct c 1913 WTH.64 PDF
Thompson, William House Building 33 Emerson Rd c 1915 WTH.65 PDF
Almeda, Benjamin L. House Building 48 Emerson Rd c 1913 WTH.66 PDF
Murphy, Jeremiah F. House Building 45 Enfield Rd c 1928 WTH.67 PDF
Lythgoe, George Z. House Building 23 Fairview Ave c 1880 WTH.68 PDF
Harrison, Roden S. House Building 9 Floyd St c 1905 WTH.69 PDF
Modest vernacular two story hous Building 45 Floyd St r 1925 WTH.290 PDF
Day - Burrill - Wadsworth - La Voix House Building 35 Fremont St c 1860 WTH.70 PDF
Becker - Nickerson - Gibbons House Building 100 Fremont St c 1892 WTH.71 PDF
Belcher - Bissell House Building 11 George St r 1860 WTH.72 PDF
Davis - Sawyer House Building 21 Grovers Ave r 1900 WTH.73 PDF
Highland School Building 36 Grovers Ave 1921 WTH.74 PDF
Joslin - Dews House Building 79 Grovers Ave c 1900 WTH.75 PDF
Fales - Cottrell House Building 97 Grovers Ave c 1895 WTH.77 PDF
Tibbetts, George W. House Building 100 Grovers Ave 1909 WTH.76 PDF
Root - Waldo House Building 110 Grovers Ave c 1900 WTH.78 PDF
Modest bungalow Building 33 Hale Ave c 1925 WTH.275 PDF
Somerby, Philip W. House Building 35 Harbor View Ave c 1925 WTH.79 PDF
Hunter, Robert C. House Building 51 Harbor View Ave r 1885 WTH.80 PDF
Vernacular Queen Anne/Shingle style house Building 68 Harbor View Rd c 1885 WTH.289 PDF
McNeil - White House Building 21 HaWTHorne Ave c 1890 WTH.81 PDF
Winthrop Junior High School Building 40 Hermon St 1925 WTH.82 PDF
Winthrop First Baptist Church Building 60 Hermon St c 1872 WTH.83 PDF
Belcher - Strobeck House Building 75 Hermon St c 1872 WTH.84 PDF
Belcher - Fish House Building 87 Hermon St r 1880 WTH.85 PDF
Fish - Chase House Building 100 Hermon St c 1889 WTH.86 PDF
Cross - Graham House Building 144 Hermon St c 1875 WTH.87 PDF
Trio of two family houses Building 170-172 Hermon St c 1912 WTH.88 PDF
Smith - Supple House Building 2-4 Highland Ave c 1922 WTH.89 PDF
Quincy Avenue Path Stairway Building 4 Highland Ave c 1890 WTH.904 PDF
Green - Benson House Building 54 Highland Ave c 1900 WTH.90 PDF
Green, Jeremiah Stable Building 78 Highland Ave c 1900 WTH.91 PDF
Green, Jeremiah House Building 90 Highland Ave c 1890 WTH.92 PDF
Southwick - Hartshorn House Building 111 Highland Ave c 1890 WTH.93 PDF
Whittaker - Hall - Penke House Building 166 Highland Ave c 1912 WTH.94 PDF
Fiske - Stearns House Building 46 Hillside Ave c 1912 WTH.96 PDF
Crossman, Albert P, House Building 66 Hillside Ave c 1906 WTH.95 PDF
Tucker, Frank W. House Building 5 Ingleside Ave r 1880 WTH.97 PDF
Ingalls - Belcher House Building 15 Ingleside Ave r 1880 WTH.98 PDF
Ingalls, Dr. Samuel Mansion Building 51 Ingleside Ave c 1865 WTH.99 PDF
Murray - Bulfinch - Hancock House Building 15 Johnson Ave c 1912 WTH.100 PDF
Johnson - Knight House Building 16 Johnson Ave c 1890 WTH.101 PDF
Turner - Day House Building 80 Johnson Ave c 1895 WTH.102 PDF
Weston - Stoehr House Building 86 Johnson Ave c 1894 WTH.103 PDF
Plath, Sylvia House Building 92 Johnson Ave c 1925 WTH.104 PDF
Belcher - McLeod House Building 19 Lewis Ave c 1900 WTH.105 PDF
Davison - Malone House Building 5 Lincoln St c 1887 WTH.106 PDF
Davison, Charles V. House Building 31 Lincoln St c 1899 WTH.107 PDF
Altered simple cottage Building 83 Lincoln St c 1905 WTH.306 PDF
Donovan, Simon J. Apartments Building 94 Lincoln St c 1913 WTH.108 PDF
Saint John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church Building 223 Lincoln St 1912 WTH.259 PDF
Queen Anne and Colonial Revival house Building 25 Lincoln Terr c 1910 WTH.282 PDF
Pratt - Lewis House Building 69 Locust St 1881 WTH.109 PDF
Powers, William House Building 94 Locust St c 1880 WTH.110 PDF
Cooper, William B. House Building 107 Locust St c 1907 WTH.111 PDF
Queen Anne cottage Building 132-134 Locust Way c 1885 WTH.294 PDF
Robinson - Crowley House Building 43 Loring Rd c 1915 WTH.112 PDF
Chapman - Sawyer House Building 82 Loring Rd c 1910 WTH.113 PDF
Simpson - Curran House Building 90 Loring Rd c 1907 WTH.114 PDF
Harrington - Dwyer House Building 96 Loring Rd c 1910 WTH.115 PDF
Snow, Howard D. House Building 105 Loring Rd c 1912 WTH.116 PDF
Brown - Belcher House Building 132 Loring Rd c 1912 WTH.117 PDF
Mahoney, William H. House Building 90 Lowell Rd c 1904 WTH.118 PDF
New England Telephone and Telegraph Company Building 20 Madison Ave c 1912 WTH.119 PDF
McCarthy - Lavoie House Building 125 Main St c 1905 WTH.120 PDF
Johnson, Benjamin M. House Building 129 Main St c 1895 WTH.121 PDF
Clisby, Benjamin W. House Building 132 Main St c 1885 WTH.122 PDF
Crafts - Ginepra House Building 135 Main St c 1894 WTH.123 PDF
Markey, Thomas J. House Building 144 Main St c 1890 WTH.124 PDF
Shanek, Henry F. House Building 193 Main St c 1880 WTH.125 PDF
Schaeffer, J. Henry House Building 195 Main St c 1894 WTH.126 PDF
Floyd, Edward House Building 210 Main St 1842 WTH.127 PDF
Smith - Grueby - Flye House Building 303 Main St c 1877 WTH.128 PDF
Sullivan, Timothy D. House Building 24 Maple Rd c 1901 WTH.129 PDF
Christian, Albert A. House Building 29 Mermaid Ave c 1887 WTH.130 PDF
Frost Public Library Building 2 Metcalf Sq 1898 WTH.132 PDF
U. S. Post Office - Winthrop Main Branch Building 3 Metcalf Sq 1932 WTH.133 PDF
Ridgeway - Ellis - Rourke House Building 25 Moore St c 1905 WTH.134 PDF
Lull - Baron House Building 19 Myrtle Ave c 1903 WTH.136 PDF
Simple bungalow Building 53 Nahant Ave r 1915 WTH.279 PDF
Kelly, Catherine House Building 85 Nahant Ave c 1920 WTH.137 PDF
Halford House Building 164 Nahant Ave c 1910 WTH.138 PDF
Silverman - Cohen House Building 22-24 Nevada St c 1917 WTH.139 PDF
Richardson, Albert House Building 15 North Ave c 1883 WTH.140 PDF
Richardson - Woodman House Building 33 North Ave c 1884 WTH.141 PDF
Ehrman - Briggs House Building 10 Orlando Ave c 1900 WTH.142 PDF
Franklin, Lewis W. House Building 14 Orlando Ave c 1900 WTH.143 PDF
Becker - Gibbey House Building 30 Orlando Ave c 1900 WTH.144 PDF
Gardner, C. Russell House Building 52 Orlando Ave c 1912 WTH.145 PDF
Cottage Park Yacht Club Building 76 Orlando Ave 1928 WTH.3 PDF
Craftsman style house Building 77 Otis St c 1910 WTH.273 PDF
Winthrop Center Fire Station Building 32 Pauline St 1898 WTH.147 PDF
Newton, Edward B. School Building 131 Pauline St 1908 WTH.146 PDF
Sawyer, John L. House Building 180 Pauline St c 1870 WTH.148 PDF
Cape Cod Cottage Building 183 Pauline St c 1935 WTH.292 PDF
Modest Beach Cottage Building 62 Pebble Ave c 1910 WTH.268 PDF
Garfield, Clara - Palmer, C. W. House Building 40 Pico Ave c 1890 WTH.149 PDF
Atwood - Johnson, William H. House Building 25 Pleasant St c 1871 WTH.150 PDF
Putnam, Henry - O'Toole, Timothy J. House Building 34 Pleasant St c 1887 WTH.151 PDF
Corcoran - Roberts - Loukes House Building 44 Pleasant St c 1912 WTH.152 PDF
Belcher, David - McDonald, Wilhelmina House Building 124 Pleasant St c 1870 WTH.153 PDF
Pond, Mehitable - Williams, Charles House Building 152 Pleasant St c 1887 WTH.154 PDF
Ide, Alice - Hewitt, Florence House Building 163 Pleasant St c 1891 WTH.155 PDF
McDewell - Whitney - Jenkins House Building 175 Pleasant St c 1893 WTH.156 PDF
Tewksbury, John B. House Building 189 Pleasant St c 1887 WTH.157 PDF
Tewksbury, Albert N. House Building 240 Pleasant St c 1885 WTH.158 PDF
Moody, Bernada - Baker, F. B. HHouse Building 265 Pleasant St c 1887 WTH.159 PDF
Walker, Albert F. House Building 274 Pleasant St c 1912 WTH.160 PDF
Tewksbury, John S. House Building 282 Pleasant St c 1875 WTH.161 PDF
Greenerd, Josephine D. House Building 304 Pleasant St c 1900 WTH.162 PDF
Kent, Gouvernor - McCarthy, Joseph House Building 316 Pleasant St c 1894 WTH.163 PDF
Reval, E. S. - Byram, Edward House Building 450 Pleasant St c 1875 WTH.164 PDF
Sawyer, Fannie - Bonzagni, Anthony House Building 460 Pleasant St c 1909 WTH.165 PDF
Parker - Morrison - Jones House Building 461 Pleasant St c 1890 WTH.166 PDF
Richardson, Lorenzo House Building 466 Pleasant St c 1875 WTH.167 PDF
Mullroy, James J. House Building 480 Pleasant St r 1880 WTH.168 PDF
Pleasant Park Yacht Club Building 562 Pleasant St r 1955 WTH.169 PDF
Quimby, Josephine - Gaudet, Daley J. House Building 20 Prospect Ave c 1880 WTH.170 PDF
Gem Theatre Building 64 Putnam St 1914 WTH.171 PDF
Wellington, Franklin S. House Building 5 Quincy Ave c 1917 WTH.172 PDF
Terrille, Pietro House Building 44 Quincy Ave c 1899 WTH.173 PDF
Chittendon, L. G. - Putnam, V. A. House Building 65 Quincy Ave c 1890 WTH.174 PDF
Altered Second Empire house Building 38 Read St r 1885 WTH.281 PDF
Butchart, Jonathan W. House Building 212 River Rd c 1905 WTH.175 PDF
Von Betzen, John - Sisson, Israel House Building 95 Sagamore Ave c 1900 WTH.176 PDF
Saratoga Street Bridge over Belle Isle Inlet Building Saratoga St 1956 WTH.906 PDF
Young, Frederick P. House Building 26 Sargent St c 1900 WTH.177 PDF
Campbell, Patrick - Carlton, Alfred House Building 30 Sargent St c 1900 WTH.178 PDF
Craftsman style house Building 76-78 Sargent St r 1900 WTH.308 PDF
Mayo, Samuel - McNeish, John House Building 79 Sargent St c 1891 WTH.179 PDF
Grant, Charles - Coogan, John House Building 85 Sargent St c 1889 WTH.180 PDF
Jones - Evans, Charles House Building 91 Sargent St c 1885 WTH.181 PDF
Neal, John R. - Hatch, Charles House Building 103 Sargent St c 1900 WTH.182 PDF
Frost, Morrill - Oburg, William F. - Haigh House Building 125 Sargent St c 1880 WTH.183 PDF
White, E. J. Three Decker Building 21 Sea Foam Ave c 1912 WTH.184 PDF
Mortimer, Minerva - Doucette, Raymond House Building 143 Sewall Ave c 1915 WTH.185 PDF
Wright, Mary J. House Building 14 Seymour St c 1904 WTH.186 PDF
Harrington, Luther T. Boat House Building Shirley St c 1900 WTH.193 PDF
Winthrop, Deane House Building 34 Shirley St 1675 WTH.302 PDF
DiCarlo Apartments Building 93 Shirley St c 1912 WTH.187 PDF
Ford - Davis - Stone House Building 189 Shirley St c 1884 WTH.188 PDF
Hatch, Charles L. House Building 332 Shirley St r 1895 WTH.189 PDF
Winthrop Beach Fire Station Building 422 Shirley St c 1900 WTH.190 PDF
Lewis Block Building 483 Shirley St 1898 WTH.191 PDF
White, Fannie F. House Building 555 Shirley St c 1905 WTH.192 PDF
Victorian cottage Building 595 Shirley St r 1905 WTH.283 PDF
Winthrop Yacht Club Building 649 Shirley St 1904 WTH.194 PDF
Rational Revival shingled house Building 795 Shirley St c 1915 WTH.270 PDF
Extensively altered house Building 1025 Shirley St c 1935 WTH.293 PDF
Point Shirley Congregational Church Building 1032 Shirley St c 1910 WTH.272 PDF
Rational Revival style house Building 1058 Shirley St c 1915 WTH.271 PDF
Sturgis, Samuel House Building 7 Siren St 1753 WTH.301 PDF
Altered Federal house Building 35 Siren St r 1800 WTH.303 PDF
Hancock, John House Building 49 Siren St c 1753 WTH.314 PDF
Colonial Revival block Building 3-21 Somerset Ave r 1910 WTH.297 PDF
Poole, Frank - McCarthy, Frank House Building 65 Somerset Ave c 1889 WTH.195 PDF
Campbell - Busey House Building 75-77 Somerset Ave c 1900 WTH.196 PDF
Smith , Wilbur H. House Building 88 Somerset Ave c 1891 WTH.197 PDF
Whorf, Harry House Building 94 Somerset Ave c 1895 WTH.198 PDF
Folger, Horace W. House Building 156 Somerset Ave c 1901 WTH.199 PDF
Bradbury - Newell - Gillespie House Building 15 Summit Ave c 1883 WTH.200 PDF
Burleigh, Naron G. - Hennessey, Patrick House Building 35 Summit Ave c 1891 WTH.201 PDF
Green, Jeremiah - Barbour, Frederick N. House Building 45 Temple Ave c 1890 WTH.202 PDF
Palmer - Green - Ferdinand House Building 63 Temple Ave c 1890 WTH.203 PDF
Schanzel, John - Merrill, Georgia House Building 72 Temple Ave c 1912 WTH.204 PDF
Harrington, Luther T. House Building 2 Terrace Ave c 1885 WTH.205 PDF
Snow, Edward Rowe House Building 20 Terrace Ave c 1885 WTH.206 PDF
Brown, Frederick House Building 119 Terrace Ave c 1883 WTH.207 PDF
Tewksbury Memorial Union Congregational Church Building 26 Tewksbury St 1889 WTH.208 PDF
Tewksbury, Hermon D. House Building 15 Thornton Pk c 1892 WTH.209 PDF
Thornton Park Station Building 17 Thornton Pk r 1880 WTH.299 PDF
Larkin, James - Kelso, James L. House Building 34-36 Thornton Pk c 1898 WTH.210 PDF
Howes, Daniel - Chase, Frederick House Building 40 Thornton Pk c 1896 WTH.211 PDF
Parker - Whitehead - Segal House Building 47 Thornton Pk c 1890 WTH.212 PDF
Spofford, Charles S. House Building 52 Thornton Pk c 1902 WTH.213 PDF
Hall, H. Dwight - Bigelow, Edmond L. House Building 62 Thornton Pk c 1898 WTH.214 PDF
Colonial Revival cottage Building 54 Townsend St c 1920 WTH.313 PDF
Harris, George A. - Plakias, George House Building 28 Trident Ave c 1897 WTH.215 PDF
Bellevue Apartments Building 34 Trident Ave c 1880 WTH.216 PDF
Dannon, C. - Getchel, A. C. House Building 43 Trident Ave c 1886 WTH.217 PDF
Cottage Building 30 Triton Ave c 1910 WTH.312 PDF
Cottage Building 70 Triton Ave c 1890 WTH.311 PDF
House Building 91-93 Triton Ave c 1909 WTH.284 PDF
House Building 51 Undine Ave c 1890 WTH.310 PDF
Cottage Building 121 Upland Rd c 1926 WTH.304 PDF
Baltzell - Brown - Klagge House Building 30 Villa Ave c 1909 WTH.218 PDF
Bostrom, Anthony House Building 27 Waldemar Ave c 1905 WTH.305 PDF
Colonial Revival and Craftsman style house Building 70 Waldemar Ave r 1910 WTH.280 PDF
Freeman, Wilbert W. House Building 15 Washington Ave c 1900 WTH.220 PDF
Bristol, Edgar S. House Building 16 Washington Ave c 1905 WTH.222 PDF
Fuller, George F. House Building 22 Washington Ave c 1904 WTH.221 PDF
Sweeney, George F. House Building 25 Washington Ave c 1902 WTH.223 PDF
MacMurray, Arthur House Building 27 Washington Ave c 1910 WTH.224 PDF
Dawson, Elmer E. House Building 28 Washington Ave c 1898 WTH.225 PDF
McKie, William House Building 35 Washington Ave c 1909 WTH.226 PDF
Hall, Harry L. House Building 68 Washington Ave c 1905 WTH.227 PDF
Smith, S. S. - Pike, Charles P. House Building 75 Washington Ave c 1890 WTH.228 PDF
Vaughan - Richardson, Maynard A. House Building 81-83 Washington Ave r 1880 WTH.229 PDF
Kennedy, Patrick House Building 97 Washington Ave c 1890 WTH.230 PDF
Burke, Thomas F. House Building 105 Washington Ave c 1914 WTH.231 PDF
Tewksbury, George W. House Building 106 Washington Ave r 1840 WTH.232 PDF
Davis, Samuel House Building 132 Washington Ave c 1923 WTH.233 PDF
Buss, Edward A. House Building 133 Washington Ave c 1898 WTH.234 PDF
Hutchinson, Charles C. - Flinn, Herbert G. House Building 139 Washington Ave r 1890 WTH.235 PDF
Lewis, Orlando - Wright, William E. House Building 156 Washington Ave c 1890 WTH.236 PDF
Elks Club No. 1078 Building 191 Washington Ave 1914 WTH.237 PDF
Washington Chambers Apartments Building 229-241 Washington Ave c 1913 WTH.238 PDF
Tewksbury, S. H. House Building 7 Washinton Ave c 1865 WTH.219 PDF
Gardner, William H. House Building 40 Willow Ave c 1891 WTH.239 PDF
Winthrop Shore Drive Building Winthrop Shore Dr 1899 WTH.909 PDF
Winthrop Shore Drive - Beacon Street Miter Building Winthrop Shore Dr 1899 WTH.910 PDF
Winthrop Shore Drive - DAR Monument Building Winthrop Shore Dr 1926 WTH.911 PDF
Trull, William - Mansfield House Building 215 Winthrop Shore Dr c 1880 WTH.240 PDF
King, Cardino F. House Building 114 Winthrop St c 1902 WTH.241 PDF
McCarthy, Dr. George D. - Douglass, George House Building 142 Winthrop St c 1885 WTH.243 PDF
May, J. N. - Seavey, Charles T. House Building 158 Winthrop St r 1865 WTH.244 PDF
Winthrop First Church of Christ Scientist Building 167 Winthrop St 1930 WTH.245 PDF
Metcalf, Dr. Ben Hicks House Building 170 Winthrop St c 1895 WTH.246 PDF
Belcher, D. W. - Soule, Margaret L. House Building 180 Winthrop St c 1890 WTH.247 PDF
Winthrop Masonic Hall Building 198 Winthrop St 1892 WTH.248 PDF
Wadsworth Building Building 214-224 Winthrop St c 1890 WTH.249 PDF
First Methodist Church of Winthrop Building 217 Winthrop St 1930 WTH.250 PDF
Freeman, Edward S. House Building 233 Winthrop St c 1883 WTH.251 PDF
Belcher, Samuel House Building 257 Winthrop St r 1790 WTH.252 PDF
Soule, Dr. Horatio S. House Building 272 Winthrop St 1881 WTH.253 PDF
Belcher, George C. - Peck, Herbert House Building 278 Winthrop St r 1830 WTH.254 PDF
Belcher, George C. - Thompson, Brownlow House Building 286 Winthrop St 1852 WTH.255 PDF
White, Charles N. - Parker, Riley Herbert House Building 291 Winthrop St c 1870 WTH.256 PDF
Vanderhoof, Albert House Building 319 Winthrop St r 1875 WTH.257 PDF
Belcher, Wilbur F. House Building 329 Winthrop St r 1875 WTH.258 PDF
Day, Charles H. House Building 350 Winthrop St c 1885 WTH.260 PDF
Johnson, Sarah - Maloney, Margaret House Building 355 Winthrop St c 1885 WTH.261 PDF
Dane, Thomas L. House Building 427 Winthrop St c 1912 WTH.262 PDF
Commercial/Residential building Building 36 Woodside Ave r 1920 WTH.296 PDF
Combination of Gambrel and Four-square house Building 80 Woodside Ave r 1915 WTH.286 PDF
Greene, John F. House Building 118 Woodside Ave c 1910 WTH.263 PDF
Crowe, John E. House Building 4 Woodside Pk c 1885 WTH.264 PDF
Wood - Ward - Midgely House Building 9 Woodside Pk c 1884 WTH.265 PDF
Thompson, Richard H. House Building 16 Woodside Pk c 1885 WTH.266 PDF
Wood - Crosby - Thompson House Building 20 Woodside Pk c 1885 WTH.267 PDF
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