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Sidvin F. Tucker

Document at Winthrop Public Library
George L. Pillion
Director, Winthrop Public Library
Mr. Sidvin Frank Tucker was known for many years as the Town Historian of Winthrop. He has written many historical articles about Winthrop, and is known for his Pictorial History of Winthrop, which was published in the Winthrop Sun Transcript, August 12, 1965 and shows over 500 photographs of old Winthrop from the Whorf slides.
    Mr. Tucker was born in Plymouth, England, on January 11, 1888. His family settled in Winthrop in 1901, and Mr. Tucker sang in the choir of st. John's Episcopal Church, Winthrop as a boy. He worked for an investment house in Boston following his education. He married Ruby Gillmore of Wiinthrop on June 29, 1910. They had 5 children: Col. Robert E. Tucker of Norfolk, Virginia; Richard G. Tucker of Cambridge; F. Elston Tucker of Kennebunk, MIaine; Elizabeth McGaw of Needham and the Rev. Ralph Tucker of West Newbury, Mass.. He was also survived by 15 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren, when he died August 7, 1982.
    During the war years 1917-19 Mr. Tucker was active in local war efforts and served as Secretary of the Winthrop Public Safety Committee. He served as Treasurer of St. John's Episcopal Church and helped organize the Winthrop Community Hospital during the 1920's, where he served as the first Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Hospital for ten years. During the 1930's Mr. Tucker accepted the post of Trustee of the Public Library.
    During the second world war Mr. Tucker was named on the Executive Board of the Winthrop Civilian Defense Committee. He was a member of many historical Committee in Winthrop, and consulted on Winthrop history throughout the years as the authority on the historical background of this area.
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