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William H. Clark

Obituary - Sep. 23, 1955

William H. Clark, Veteran Newsman, Dies in Vermont

William H. Clark, 54, a former Boston newspaperman, publicist, and author died last Thursday at the Gilfford Memorial Hospital, Randolph, Vermont

   Clark, a resident of Winthrop for over thirty years prior to his moving to Vermont, made his home at 5 Lincoln avenue. He served as a member of the Library Trustees from 1945 to 1950. He rendered valuable public service to the Winthrop Community Hospital and was commissioned by the Winthrop Historical Committee to write the History of Winthrop. He retired four years ago after a journalistic career that included more than 20 years on the staff of the Boston Globe.
    A native of Revere, Mass., Clark lived in Winthrop for many years. He worked at the Globe nights as a youth and while attending Harvard as a special student under the faculty of the Arts and Sciences.
    During the many years as a Globe writer, Clark was especially versed in weather forecasting, forestry and gardening. He accurately predicted the disastrous hurricane of 1938 pointing out the possibility of the storm more than a week in advance.
    For 14 years, Clark served as publicity director of the Massachusetts Historical Society and the New England Flower Show and for four years edited the society's wide-read magazine "Horicutrue."
    During World War II, Clark was editor-in-chief of the historical branch of the Chemical Warfare Service and also served as public relations representative for the New Haven Railroad.
    He also did work for the Salvation Army, the Massachusetts State Republican Committee, and the Massachusetts Forest and Park Association.
    During the Winter of 1944-45, Clark returned to Harvard with a coveted Nieman fellowship set up for working newspapermen under terms of the will of Agnes Wahl Nieman.
    His early works included several books, were for the most part on American economic history. Most of his books published after his retirement have been devoted to gardening. During his retirement, Clark also continued his contributions to the Globe and other newspapers including the New York Times.

Book on Winthrop
The History of Winthrop, Massaschusetts Winthrop - 1630-1952
- Winthrop Public Library, Text Version

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