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Arthur W. Dalrymple School
Formerly Highland School

- 1966 Echo Yearbook Dedication

"The Highland School (renamed to Arthur W. Dalrymple School in 1973) was built to replace the old Almont Street School which was the public grammar school for the Highlands between 1888-1920. The old school was located on Almont St. near Cross St. It was constructed of wood and burned down on January 17,1920. The movement to build a new school at Grovers and Crest was spearheaded by a neighborhood group called the Winthrop Highlands Association. The new school was built on the site of the old Leighton House, a summer resort popular with Bostonians."
- Massachusetts Historical Commission - Highland School - MACRIS website

Arthur W. Dalrymple
"The school on Grovers Ave. was originally named after its neighborhood, Winthrop Highlands, but was renamed the Arthur W. Dalrymple School in 1973 after a local superintendent of schools. Dalrymple, a life-long Winthrop resident, attended the Winthrop public schools, graduating from Winthrop High School in 1935. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of New Hampshire in 1937, and received a master's degree in education from Tufts University. Beginning in 1938, Dalrymple taught at the Winthrop Junior High School for twenty years, and then functioned as superintendent of the Winthrop schools for fifteen years, until his retirement in 1973. Under his leadership, a new Winthrop High School building was planned and constructed. Mr. Dalrymple also was deeply involved in his community, serving as a life trustee of the Winthrop Savings Bank, a trustee for Winthrop Hospital, and a member of the Winthrop Rotary and Golf clubs."
- National Park Service I National Register of Historic Places: Highland School

"Twenty-eight years of dedicated service to the Winthrop Public Schools have brought to Arthur W. Dalrymple high position, weighty responsibilities and great praise...."
- Arthur W. Dalrymple Dedication - 1966 Winthrop High School Echo Yearbook

Location: Corner of Grovers and Crest avenues

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