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PFC Kenneth A. Stewart
U.S. Army

- American Legion Post 146, Winthrop, Mass.
- National Archives
- Boston Globe - Pfc Kenneth A. Stewart, 7/8/1945
- Berga an der Elster, Nazi slave labor camp

Kenneth A. Stewart - U.S. Army, WWII - enlisted and was assigned to the 110th Reg. 28th Infantry Div. After a major engagement in the Hurtgen Forest, his regiment was sent to a quite area of the front to rest and refit. His unit received 2,000 new replacements - bringing strength up to 3,257. They were stationed along the Skyline Drive in Belgium, overlooked by the Schnee Iffel covering a 15-mile front located east of Bastogne. On December 16, 1944, they were attacked by two German divisions - 2nd Panzer and 26th Volks Grenadier - on the first day of the Battle of the Bulge. His regiment held back 10,000 German troops for two days until the enemy brought up the Panzer Lear Division which overwhelmed his unit and regiments on both sides. His regiment lost 2,740 men killed, wounded, or taken prisoner. PFC Stewart was taken prisoner and sent to a POW camp in Germany where he died of malnutrition in April 1945, two weeks before the war ended. His unit the 28th Division's stand east of Bastogne for two days allowed the 101st Airborne time to advance and break up the main German attack. He is buried in the Winthrop Cemetery - Cross Street.

Winthrop High School Class of 1938

Memorial location: Corner of Quincy and Cliff avenues

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