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World War II, Korea, Vietnam War,
and Gulf War Memorial

In Grateful Memory Of
The Mean and Women Of
Who Served Our Country
With Courage
And Devotion
To The We Owe Our Liberty
Of Religious Worship And Speech
And Our Freedom From Fear And
Want. May Future Generations
Preserve This Heritage For All Time
World War II
Vietnam War
Gulf War
Dedicated September 19, 1965

To Those Who Died
In The Service Of Their Country
When yo go home
Tell them for us and say
For your tomorrow
We gave our today


The Winthrop World War II, Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf War Memorial is composed of granite slabs.

Memorial location: Town Hall Square

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World War II
Ambrose, Louis M.
Allen, Robert H.
Barber, Frank E.
Belli, Eugene F.
Biggio, Andrew G.
Bliss, Allison T.
Bramson, Irving
Brooks, Charles E.
Browne, Edward N.
Burns, Francis N. Jr.
Brooks, Virginia H.
Cheever, John J. Jr.
Clancy, John P. Jr.
Cunningham, Ralph
Coughlin, David F.
Daly, Charles T. Jr.
Dilling, James C. Jr.
Dwyer, Paul
Dervan, Joseph T.
Dowling, Dennis J.
Elkin, Jack
Fitzgerald, Edwin F.
Foley, Roger C.
French, Harold E. Jr.
Gallagher, Joseph W.
Gilbert, Zalmon
Godfrey, Herbert M.
Guptill, William L.
Hall, Robert S.
Hanna, John M.
Haley, Justin J.
Anderson, Karl L.
Duggan, Daniel J.
McQuillan, John E.
Holland, Ricahrd L.
Ingham, Edward L.
Ivers, John L. Jr.
Larsen, Axel N.
Levy, Raymond D.
Madona, Joseph P.
Marrotta, Charles J.
Marshall, Alfred
Marshall, Frank A.
Mathieu, Arthur E.
McDonald, John C.
McEwan, Robert
McGuiness, James J.
Mooney, John T.
Mulone, Frank J.
Mycue, Irving F.
Newman, Edward
Nimblett, John F.
O'Connor, William F.
O'Connor John E.
Pollard, Theodore N.
Paro, Edward L.
Puorro, Joseph
Roche, William H.
Shannon, Charles T.
Stewart, Kenneth A.
Skehan, Lawrence W.
Wallace, Windham S.
Willock, Charles T. Jr.
Yirrell, Ferderick W.
Young, Lawrence, P.
Zaia, John G.
Zaia, Vincent J.
O'Shea, Afred J.
Chase, Lester T.
Hayes, Peter S.
Sommers, James E.
Vietnam War
Belcher, Robert W.
Brugman, Paul F.
Countaway, John A.
Logan, Joseph P.
MacNeil, Edward L. III
Pignato, Joseph M.
White, John C.
McRae, George W.
Gulf War
Abbatessa, Philip J.

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