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Neil Shapiro Center for Performing Arts
Winthrop Middle/High School


- "Neil Shapiro Theater" at the new Winthrop Middle/High School petition
   "Neil Shapiro was born and raised in Winthrop MA, a community he loved and served. After graduating from Winthrop High School, he attended Emerson University to study Dramatic Arts. After college, Neil returned to Winthrop High School to begin a 20+ year journey with the students of Winthrop.
   Mr. Shapiro was an engaging drama teacher, director, basketball coach and mentor. He inspired so many students during his time at WHS and WMS and was fully committed to the drama and girl's basketball programs. With at least 3 major productions each year (often 4) and a busy basketball season, Mr. Shapiro brought productions to the MA state festival many years where Winthrop often placed.
   "Shap", as many students called him, had a unique ability to connect with his students. Along with being a top notch teacher and coach, he truly nurtured individuality, furthered talent and helped navigate his students' obstacles.
   For many students, upon graduating, Neil Shapiro went from being teacher/coach to mentor/friend.
   The community of Winthrop lost Neil Shapiro in 2001 to myelofibrosis. We hope to keep his legacy alive and pay tribute to his love and commitment to the students of Winthrop. Please sign this petition and help us in our efforts to name the new high/middle school theater the "Neil Shapiro Theater.""

The Center was dedicated on November 4, 2016.

Memorial location: Winthrop Middle/High School - Main St.

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