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Winthrop Public Library (Website)
Winthrop Historical Commission (Facebook page)
Historic Winthrop - 1630-1902 - A Concise History
Charles W. Hall, 1902 (Winthrop Public Library) (Text version)
The History of Winthrop, Massaschusetts Winthrop - 1630-1952
William H. Clark, 1952 (Winthrop Public Library) (Text version)
Winthrop, Mass. Our Streets, How we got them and their Names
Channing Howard, 1950 (Winthrop Public Library) (Text version)
History of Winthrop, Massachusetts
Edward Rowe Snow, Masters Thesis, 1939 (Online ebook, Text version)
Town of Winthrop, Sesquicentennial Commemorative Book, 1852-2002
Winthrop Historical Commission (Text version)
Winthrop - Anciently Pullin Point
Channing Howard, 1930 (Digital Commonwealth )
Massachusetts Historical Commission, MACRIS (Online database)
Images of America - Winthrop
Winthrop Historical Commission, 2002 (Winthrop Public Library, Online preview)
Winthrop High School Yearbooks, The Echo (Online - Winthrop Public Library)
A Documentary History of Chelsea: including the Boston Precincts of Winnisimmet, Rumney Marsh, and Pullen Point, 1624-1824
Mellen Chamberlain, 1902 (Online ebook, Vol. 1 , Vol 2.)
History of the Bill family - Ledyard Bill, 1867 (Online ebook )
Descriptive history and real estate guide of the town of Winthrop, Volume 10 (Online ebook)
National Magazine: Volume 2, 1895, Town of Winthrop, page 571 (Online ebook )
The New England Magazine, Vol. 6, 1892, page 645 (Online ebook )
Biographical Sketches of Representative Citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1901 (Online ebook), Winthrop Highlights
List of the Polls and Estates in the Town of Winthrop: May 1st, 1893 (Online ebook )
Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts - William R. Cutter, 1908 (Online ebooks, Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4), Winthrop Highlights
History of New England - John Gorham Palfrey, 1858 (Online ebooks, Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4)
The History of the Town of Revere as Compiled by Benjamin Shurtleff - 1937 (Online ebook )
The Crooked & Narrow Streets of the Town of Boston 1630-1822 - Annie Haven Thwing, 1920 (Online ebook)
One of a Thousand: One Thousand Representative Men, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, A.D. 1888-'89 - John C. Rand, 1890 (Online ebook), Winthrop Highlights
Genealogical Dictionary: The First Settlers of New England
James Savage, 1860 (Online ebooks, Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4)
Memoir of William Francis Bartlett, Francis Palfrey, 1878 (Online ebook)
William Francis Bartlett: Biography of a Union General in the Civil War
Richard Sauers and Martin Sable, 2009 (Online ebook preview )
The Sallie and Stacy Saunders Story (Google Books Preview)
Historic Map Works (Website) (Winthrop: 1896, 1906, 1914)
King's Handbook of Boston harbor
Moses Foster Sweetser, 1888 (Online ebook)
Atlas of the Boundaries of the Town of Winthrop, Suffolk County, 1898 (State Library of Massachusetts, Website)
Atlas of the Towns of Revere and Winthrop, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Whitman & Howard, 1906, (State Library of Massachusetts, Website , PDF, Flickr)
Map of the Eastern Junction Broad Sound Pier, & Pt. Shirley Railroad Steamboat Lines and Connections, Established for the Purpose of Developing the Most Popular Seashore Resort on the Atlantic Coast - Whitman & Breck, 1880, (Norman B. Leventhal Map Center, Boston Public Library)
The Islands of Boston Harbor
Edward Rowe Snow, 1935 (Online ebook )
Digital Commonwealth, Winthrop Massachusetts (Website)
Norman B. Leventhal Map Center, Boston Public Library (Website)
Walks and Rides In The Country Round About Boston, Part I.
Edwin M. Bacon, 1900 (Online ebook )
A History of New England: Containing Historical and Descriptive Sketches of the Counties, Cities and Principal Towns of the Six New England States, Including, in Its List of Contributors, More Than Sixty Literary Men and Women, Representing Every County in New England, 1879 (Online ebook )
The Pioneers of Massachusetts: A Descriptive List, Drawn from Records of the Colonies, Towns, and Churches, and Other Contemporaneous Documents - Charles Henry Pope, 1900 (Online ebook )
Second Report of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston: Containing the Boston records, 1634-1660, and the Book of Possessions, 1877 (Online ebook )
Genealogical Guide to the Early Settlers of America
Henry Whittemore, 1898 (Online ebooks, Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4, incomplete)
Winthrop Then and Now, Historical Mapping of Winthrop Massachusetts
G. David Hubbard II (Winthrop Public Library)
Five Year Strategic Plan for Economic Development: Prepared for the Town of Winthrop
Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management, University of Massachusetts Boston, 2014 (PDF)
Walk Winthrop: A Plan for a More Walkable & Bikeable Town - Kerri Culhane, Jordan Fink, and Tabitha Kaigle; Conway School of Landscape Design; 2010 (Online book)
Walk Winthrop: A Greenway Action Plan; Metropolitan Area Planning Council, 2011 (PDF)
MHC Reconnaissance Survey Town Report - Winthrop, 1981 (PDF)
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