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Winthrop By The Sea
Warren Davis, 1989


Winthrop was a community of farms, few people (about 300.) fewer streets (about 5) and about 35 houses when it became a Town in 1852. For almost 25 years the Town grew slowly; by 1875 the population was only about 627 people.

There was some industry in the Town but it was only carried on at Point Shirley. Beginning in the early 1800's there was: first, The Dried Fish Plant; second, The Salt Works; third, The Revere Copper Works which shut down in 1869 and the land was sold in 1872.

The above facets of Winthrop's background are quite well known. What is not known is that Winthrop was a Summer Resort for about 40 years. In 1875 Dr. Samuel Ingalls bought 43 acres of beach front land in the vicinity of what is now Mermaid Ave. This land was formerly part of the Wheeler Estate. Capt. J.W. Tewksbury owned many of the adjoining acres. Both men divided their land into small lots to be sold for summer cottages. Dr. Ingalls would not allow any alcholic beverages in the area which he named "Ocean Spray". He hoped to attract family-type residents to his development.

Two events helped this development grow:

1. The Railroads:
- The Boston - Winthrop Shore R.R. (June 1877 to 1888)
- Eastern Junction, Broad Sound Pier, & Point Shirley R.R. (only ran from 1882 to 1885)
- Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn R.R. (1875 to 1940). The Winthrop Loop operated from 1888 to 1940. (Double Tracked 1903.)
- Boston & Winthrop R.R. Was organized about 1883 but never built.

2. The Steamboats from Winthrop to Atlantic Ave. in Boston. These departed from Crystal Cove at Winthrop Beach; and also from a Pier at Cottage Park. They only ran in the Summer Months.

Small Hotels sprang up allover the Beach area once Dr. Ingalls got into operation. Not too much is known about these Hotels: their size, location, or how many were built. We know less about who built and ran them, but over the years they brought thousands of people to Winthrop from as far away as Chicago, St Louis and Washington D.C.

The following list has been compiled afer a diligent search thru what records that can be found. No doubt; that there are others that have not been located. The list includes Hotels, Boarding Houses and Restaurants.

A single date after a name shows when the information was obtained. No doubt the establishment was in existance before and after that date.


1. The Aloha & The Argyle. Two newly built summer houses in Winthrop Highlands which will open to receive summer guests on June 1, 1885. Messr's Hill & Waite Prop.

2. The Aloha. In Winthrop Highlands. - 104 Highlands Ave. May 26, 1889
Mrs. A. W. Fitch Prop. Select Clientel, Reasonable, Desireable.
June 22, 1900. Charles A. Stoddars Prop. June 1902. A.A. Chase Mgr.

3. The Argyle. In Winthrop Highlands, - 136 Grovers Ave. Corner of Grovers & Cliff Ave. Opened The Year Around. Heated by steam. All refurbished by the new owner, Josiah Fritz. June 5,1895. Dinning Room seats 75 people. June 1909. New Prop. E.J. Rowe.

4. Bartlett & Cottage Park House. - Opens June 1,1890. for the season.
Orlando F. Belcher Prop. ( See more under Cottage Park Hotel)

5. Beacon Villa. A 20 Room house and 200,000 sq. feet of land is For Sale by Orlando F. Belcher. (This later became Beacon Villa. This land sale was advertised on July 16,1891.
Beacon Villa. July 1905. A modern equiped institute with the latest therapeutic means of treatment of disease - Ultra-VioletRays, ect. Dr. Albert B. Dorman in charge.

6.Beacon Villa Land Sale. - July 1907. By Orlando F. Belcher
17 building lots at 12 a sq. foot. (Providing enough buyers come forward.)

7. Cliff House. Corner of Grovers & Cliff Ave. in Winthrop Highlands. This building was built as a large private summer home by Mr. H.H. Hutchings about 1895.
As a Hotel it opened for the summer season in May 1908. Mr. A.C.J. Pope and Son Prop's.
Jan. 1912. Mrs. Mary J. O'Brien Prop. Now opened for the winter season at reduced rates. Will cater Dinners & Parties to outside groups.

8. The Colonial House. On FaunBar Ave. (Cottage Hill) Opens for the season on June 1, 1894. Mrs. Cade Prop. The Alphelion Hall Dinning Room on Faun Bar Ave. Operated by Mrs. H.E. Cade. Breakfast 7-9; Lunch 12-1; Dinner 6-7. Lunch Counter always open. This appeared in May 1897.

9. The Colonial Inn. Now opened on Shirley St. near the Winthrop Yacht Club and the Steamboat Landing. May 7,1897. Spacious House, Beautiful Grounds. Terms are reasonable. Mrs. J. Davis Prop.
This Inn appeared on a postcard in 1907. Later became The Governor Winthrop Inn.

10. Columbia Cottage. Beautiful location on Great Head, (Cottage Hill)
Opened for the season on June 5,1885. 13 Guests Accomodated.

11. Cottage Park Hotel. Opens June 1,1896. after a complete rebuild. It was formerly The Bartlet & Cottage Park House. Orland F. Belcher - Owner & Manager. Now inlarged to accomodate 200 Guests. 17 Acres of Gardens & Woods. Grounds elevated from the Harbor, guest cottages on these grounds. Excellent drainage. 800 feet of shore front on the Harbor. A new swiming pool was dedicated in 1905.



11 (Cont.)

(Cottage Park Hotel.) In 1917 O.F. Belcher was in charge of the Hotel. We assume that he had sold it shortly after, as Mr. L.E. Bova was in charge. The Hotel ran on the American & European Plans. Meals were $15.00 on a Weekly basis. A-la-Carte food was available all day.
Lunch - $1.00 Dinner $1.50. A Cabaret and Dancing operated at night.
The Hotel closed for the season on Sept. 15.1917; the War hurt business.

12. Crest Hall Hotel. Corner of Shore Drive and Underhill St. It Was 5 stories high. In June of 1903. Fred L. Hall was The Prop. In June of 1908 they had Dancing at Dinner by a Ladies Orcaestra., and in the Ral1room at night. Reduced rates for the fall season, (Sept. 1908)
- Single with board - 59.00 Wk. Double with board -$17.50 Wk.
A double with board and private bath - $25.00
This Hotel was destroyed by fire on Oct. 2, 1908.

13. The Court Park. (This was formerly the estate of Judge Loring - who died in 1890.) This was located on Court Road near Elmer & Albert Terrace. Later became The Court Park Hotel. It first opened on June 22,1894. At a later date it became The Hotel Loring. In 1897 The Court Park Golf Course used the front lawn of the Hotel as it's first tee. As the Loring Hotel it was managed by a Mr. & Mrs. Holbrook. (See under Hotel Loring).

14. Eastside Cottage. This was located on Great Head (Cottage Hill) in July 1894. Operated by a Mrs. French.

15. The Elsmere. Was located on Cottage Hill. It opened for the season on May 1, 1897 & closed on October 1,1897. Rates were reasonable. - Mrs. Bingham Prop.

16. Fairmont House. On Moore St. near Cottage Hill and The Railroad Station. Opens June 30, 1885. Day & Weekly Guests. Families accomodated. Mrs. S.C. Jones & Miss. Halding Prop's.

17. The Governor Winthrop Inn. Was located on Shirley st. near Cottage Hill, The Yacht Club and Boat Landing. Advertised in 1910.
(See under The Colonial Inn.)

18. The Great Head Hotel. Was located between The Ocean and The Bay.
It was just under Cottage Hill. Opens June 1,1885 for the season, Mr. A. Haseltine Mgr. (From an Ad. in the Beachmont and Winthrop Visitor)

19. The Hawthorne. Was located at the corner of Hillside & Park Ave.
It was opened on July 6, 1894. for room and board - Mrs. C.F Dodge was proprietor.



19. (Cont.) The Hawthorne. May 1897. Renovated and now opened under new management. Will stay opened all year. At Cottage Hill - 2 minutes from the Boat Dock. Mr. A.J. Dickey Prop. Mr. L.M. Frost - Mgr. in 1899. In 1905, Mrs. F.M. Trowbridge was Manager, she replaced Mrs. S.C. Tedford who took over in 1901.

20. The Hazelhurst. Located at the corner Neptune Ave. & Shirley St. Just opened - Dinning room seats 100 people. May 17, 1901. Will remain open the year around. Mr. A.M. Smith: Owner & Manager.

21. The Kearsage. Newly opened Hotel on Cliff Ave. Capacity 30 people.
June 22,1900. Will stay open the year around. Managed by the Miss'es Leeds. In May of 1901, Thomas Ash took over as Proprietor.

22. Lawrence Cottage. Opens on May l, 1894. At Cottage Hill. Rooms with or without board. Prop. Mr. J.C. Young of Lawrence, Mass. (Taken from The Beachmont & Winthrop Visitor.)

23. The Leeds. Opens May 1,1901 as a new hotel. Located at the junction Crest, Grovers, & Sagamore Ave's. Twenty rooms with board. Operated by the Miss'es Leeds who formerly ran The Kearsage.
May 1902 - Mrs. E.L. Leeds was Proprietor.
June 1903 - Mabelle L. Leeds was Proprietor.
In July 1905 this Hotel became known as Leeds Lodge.

24. The Leighton House. On Grovers Ave. - facing the ocean at the Corner of Crest Ave. Twenty new guest rooms. Bowling Alleys & Billiard Room.
Opens June 8,1894 - year around Hotel. George E. Ricker Prop. (Seasonal) Opens May 1,1897 under new Management - Fronk F, Blair,Prop.
Opens May 12,1899: under New Management: Mrs. J.E. Bertrand, Prop.
Opens June 1903; under Hew Management; Mrs. M.L. Day Prop.
By 1921 the Hotel had been torn down and a school was built on the land.

25. The Lilacs. June 1902, located at 14 Pleasant St. Rooms (Board if desired) Transients Accomodated.

26. The Lookoff. May 1908. 100 Quincy Ave. Rooms (A La Carte Meals) Lunches 35. Special Sunday Dinners from 1:00 to 2:00 P.M. 50

27. Hotel Loring. (See The Court Park) The name was changed about 1902.
After Mr. & Mrs. Holbrook the Hotel was managed by Allison & Furbush.
In June of 1904 Mr. George T. Sleeper took over as manager. He was followed in Aug. 1908 by Mr. M.F. Kennealy.

28. Hotel Lucerne. This was on Shore Drive at the corner of Hawthorne Ave.
In July 1910 D.S. McDonald was Prop. (See Hotel Shirley this was the former Shirley with a name change.)

29. The Manhattan. Located on Wave Way Ave. Established in 1893. This hotel was refurbished in May 1901. Capacity - 25 guests. An orchestra played in the Dinning Room for dinner. Mrs. M.F. Kinney Mgr.


30. The Marguerite. This was a small. hotel which was located, in 1899, at the corner of Myrtle Ave and Winthrop Shore Drive. Mrs P.C. Goodwin, Prop.

31. Montrose Cottage. This was only a dinning room. It was located on Shirley St. opposite Neptune Ave, opening for business on May 15, 1896. Dinning Room held 40 guests - Nightly dinners were $4.00 per week. Mrs. W.S. Thompson Mgr.

32. The Nevada at Ocean Spray. A family hotel by the sea. Newly built and opens for business on June 1, 1885 (From ad in The Beachmont & Winthrop Visitor) Mrs Borsh, Prop.
On the "Crest" opens for the Season on May 18,1894.Mrs. A.M. Lilly, Mgr.
For the Season of 1896 - Mr. & Mrs. B.D. Goring Prop's.
For the Season of 1897 a new annex of 12 rooms opens in a separate building - still Managed by Mr. & Mrs. Goring.
By May 19,1899 streets were being laid out and The Nevada was located at the Corner of the Crest & Nevada St. Proprietor was E.F. Norcross.
By June of 1908 the hotel had been completely rebuilt - address was now 117 Winthrop Shore Drive. An orchestra played for dinner. Mr. Summers and Mr. Marshall were Proprietors.

33. The New Winthrop. A new hotel at Winthrop Beach which opened on June 15th 1894 on what is now Sturgis St. It had Bowling Alleys and a Billiard Room. It opened for the 1895 season on June 15th. Frank A. Perking was Manager.
Sometime before 1900, the hotel was jacked up and a new first floor was added making it 4 stories high. In 1697 the rates were $12.00 per person for room and board per week. Transcients were accomodated at $3.00 per day. Dinner tickets could be bought for 51.00 which included the boat trip down from Boston. The Hotel opened for the summer season
of 1899 on May 26th under new ownership, new management, and the new proprietor was James Campbell.
The Hotel opened in June of 1900. George E. Ricker was now the Manager. He formerly managed The Leighton House and the Hotel Shirley - he leased The New Winthrop for the season.
By 1901, changes were made, and the hotel accomodated a total of 200 guests. The Hotel opened in June of 1902 - Robert N. Chapman was the Proprietor.
The Hotel opened June lst in 1904. For June only, Board and Room was $12.00 per week per person. Dinner in the evening could be had for 50¢.
In the fall of 1906 the Hotel stayed open for the winter months. Board and room was $7.00 to $10.00 per week per person.
By the season of 1912 the dining room was operating on the European Plan. The Hotel was torn down about 1960 - one of the last old Hotels in town.

34. The Ocean Spray Hotel. This Hotel was located on the corner of Mermaid Ave. and Winthrop Shore Drive. It opened for the summer season on June 16, 1899. In 1900 the Hotel was sold for $20,000 to James M. Blaisdell of Winthrop. Mr. Tedford & Mr. Libby managed the Hotel in 1902. In 1903 Mr. Frederick E. Libby Was Manager. Rates were $2.00 per day.
The Hotel had a Barber Shop which was opened evenings.


35. The Ocean View House. On The Crest. (later Winthrop Shore Drive) Opened for the season on May 9,1902. Mrs. I.B. O'Brien was Manager.

36. Mrs Palfrey's. 11 Dean Ave Winthrop Highlands. Only had accomodations in three rooms - served meals.

37. The Pheonix. Now opened at Winthrop Beach. July 17,1894. Transients accomodated. Mrs. H.H. Marshall Prop.

38. The Point Shirley House. This probably was part of the old Taft Inn.
It was located on Taft Ave. near Deer Island. It burned in the 1890's but was rebuilt.

39. Prospect Cottage. Located on Shirley St. next to The St. Leonards Hotel In August 1882 the following prices were in effect, Board & Room - $6.00 a week - $1.00 per day. Breakfast 35 - Supper 35 -Dinner 50.

40. Ricker's Hotel. (This is really the Leighton House on Grovers Ave.) George C. Ricker, who was Manager in 1895, changed the name of the Hotel. This change only lasted a few weeks and it reverted back to The Leighton House.

41. Rooms For Rent. At the Highlands - any number - furnished or unfurnished. Apply to A.E. Whitehouse - Agent. Opposite Highlands Station.

42. Rural Cottage. July 20,1894. Summer Board & Room. On Pleasant St. near Thornton Station. Allen Atwood, Proprietor.

43. Sea Breeze Cottage. At Ocean Spray on the corner of Myrtle Ave. and Winthrop Shore Drive. Sept. 9, 1898. Open for the Fall & Winter Seasons - Board & Room.

44. Hotel Shirley. At Ocean Spray, right on the Crest. Opens for the summer season on April 15, 1882. The 5th year. Mrs. J.P. Howard Prop. 50 rooms are available in The Hotel, The Lodge and Shirley Cottage.
Season of 1884 - Charles Colgate was Manager.
Season of 1885 - W.C. Jones was the Manager
In 1890 Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Howard became Managers. They were relatives of the original owners. (All this came from The Beachmont & Winthrop Visitor. A newspaper which served the area in the 1880's.)
The Hotel opens for the Summer Season on June 24, 1898, will close in September. Now under the Management of George E. Ricker. It is now located on the Crest but at the corner of Hawthorne Ave - a new street.
The Hotel opened for the season on June 16, 1899. Managed by A.M. Winchester.
The Hotel opened in May 1908 under the Management of A.H. Ware. Prices are reasonable - only minutes from the Ocean Spray R.R. Station. Now at the corner of Winthrop Shore Drive and Hawthorne Ave.

45. The Shirley Casino. This was a Hall and/or Ballroom conected to The Shirley Hotel on Winthrop Shore Drive.


46. The Somerset. Located at 25 Cottage Ave. on Cottage Hill. Opens for The Summer Season on June 18, 1897. under new management - E.E. Woodward Prop. The Hotel opened for the season in June 1908.
The address has been changed to 40 Cottage Ave. Mrs. J.E. O'Neil Prop.

47. St. Leonard Hotel. (This later became The New Winthrop Hotel - see the listing under that name) The Peace Jubilee Building in Boston was torn down sometime in the late 1870's. The lumber was either taken by scow or rafted down to Crystal Cove in Winthrop and used in the construction of The St. Leonards Hotel. The Boston, Winthrop & Point Shirley R.R. reached the area in 1880 and a station was built at Irwin St, and named St. Leonards. (This was the famous "Peanut Train")
The Hotel opened for the season on July 15, 1882 (Beachmont & Winthrop Visitor) Mr. Edmund Gove & Mr. L.H. Southwick ran the hotel that year.
48. The Sunnyside. This was a boarding House at the Corner of Pico and Sunnyside Ave. - had rooms for 25 people. This was a Belcher family home. They sold it to Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stevenson who ran the boarding house. They had a son George who later became well known in the town.
It was totally destroyed by fire in 1884.

49. The Surfside. A small Hotel at the corner of Winthrop Shore Drive and Myrtle Ave. It opened for the season in June 1908. Anna M. Smith Prop.

50. The Taft Inn. Point Shirley. (1839 - 1889) This Hotel was famous world wide for it's food and not as a place to spend a vacation. At times as many as 56 entre's were available. Orray A. Taft was the Proprietor and in later years was assisted by his son. The Inn sat on 14 acres of land between Taft Ave, and the edge of the harbor. There was a private dock so guests could arrive by boat. In the 1890's the building and about 5 acres of land were purchases and became the Point Shirley Club.

51. Mrs. Horace Tewksbury. In July 1894, opened her home on Washington Ave. for summer boarders.

52. The Thornton. This small Hotel was located at #2 Winthrop St. at the corner of Washington Ave. - steps from Thornton R.R. Station. Miss. Smith was the Proprietor for the 1899 season. In 1902 Mr. S.J. Braley became Manager. His rates were; Single $10.00 to $15.00 per week. The cost per couple was double the single rate. Meals only were $6.00 Per Wk.

53. Youngs Hotel. Winthrop Beach - 30 feet from the Sea. Billiard Room, Dinning Room, Children's Play Room. Lighted by Gas. Remodled and open for the summer season on May 3,1895. After being rebuilt it opened for season in May of 1908. - now 4 stories high, George A. Cabot was Prop.
Mr. L.E. Young was manager for the season of 1910. A great fire enveloped the Hotel on Nov. 25,1910 and burned it to the ground.


54. J.W. Youngs Cafe. This restaurant was located on Shirley St. near Winthrop Beach and across from the Steamboat Dock in 1897. Meals could be obtained at all hours. Ice Cream, Candy and Tobaoco Products were carried. There was an attached pool and billard room.

55. (The Lunch Counter) J.W Youngs Cafe - name changed in 1898. Moved next to the Steamboat Dock - #227 Shirley St. Was opened 7 Days a Week for light lunches, ice cream, pies, Cake, Tea & Coffee ect. It was now operated by Mrs. Cade, (Formerly at the Colonial House on Faun Bar Ave.)

56. Waldo Cottage. On the Crest at Great Head. (Cottage Hill) It opened for the season on June 25,1889. - Mrs. B.M. Osgood Prop.

57. Hotel Waterston. At Winthrop Highlands. Opened for the summer season on June 6, 1890. Three minutes from R.R. Station. Mrs. Moffitt Prop.

58. The Winthrop. Corner of Mermaid Ave. and the Crest. 1884 - 1885 was it's 12th Season. In 1895 the Hotel held 100 people. Transcients were accomodated at 52.00 per day. Edward F. Rollins, Mgr.

59. Winthrop Arms Hotel. Now open - July 1,1916. Corner of Grovers & Cliff Ave. - 50 rooms, each with bath. Tea Dances and Dinner Dancing on Tues. - Wed. - Sat. Evening dancing from 7:00 to 11:00 P.M. An A La Carte Dining Room operated from 6:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M.
1916 winter rates (Sept to July) Single 53.00 to $6.00 Wk. Double $5.00 to 58.00 Wk. Two room suits - 510.00 to $12.00. Meals 57.50 Wk. Fred L. Hall Prop.

60. Winthrop Beach House. On the beach at Ocean Spray. Opens on July 15,1882. Mrs. A.M. Cotton Mgr. By May 23 1890 the Hotel was located at the corner of Mermaid Ave, and the Crest. Greenleaf Hall, an annex, had been added. It was Managed by Mr. & Mrs. E.F. Rollins. The Hotel had been bought on May 19, 1899 by F.H. Deering of Boston.

61. The Woodside. In Winthrop Center near the Railroad Station. Special rates for the Fall & Winter of 1903 - starting in September. Dinner will be served at 6.00 P.M.

Winthrop Public Library
Metcalf Square Winthrop
April 1989

Organized by Warren Davis

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